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Buffetware includes any form of serving or display items, designed primarily to treat your guests. We have in store a wide range of buffetware sets that amazes you with its style and elegance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buffetware or Serveware are serving or display objects that are used to design the décor of the hospitality sector of any kinds. But the use of buffetware equipments is not just shrunken to serving and displaying capabilities, the usage of the right buffetware equipment helps the food operators to control the wastage of food as well.

There are 17 different types of buffetware. Chaffing dishes, crockeries, designer cooking utensils, steam pots and cans are few among them

In order to clean a buffetware, use a nonclaustic cleaner and wipe out food debris after every use. Make sure that there is no food particles are left after cleaning and if the food debris are heavy, use a scrubber to remove them.

Purchasing a buffet ware is always the tricky part. Hotel/Restaurant Owners usually choose the buffetware based on different pricing options. Lower-end Buffetware sets are more affordable but they are produced from low-quality stainless steel. Mid-range Buffetware equipment offers more durability and those with a bigger budget will choose higher-end products that have more options and upscale features

Being one of the best buffetware suppliers in Saudi Arabia, Renarte KSA offers high-quality buffetware that perfectly matches your Hotel’s unique style. we have a plethora of Buffetware collection that suits the budget rate of Hotel/Restaurant Owners as well


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